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About powerflushing

Please call me to talk about your requirements.  This is an example of what is involved in powerflushing your heating system .....


  • We agree a date and a start time.  8am to 10am at your choice.

  • I'll arrive on time and take all measures to be clean and tidy.

  • Please make sure that I can access all the radiators in your property.

  • I'll chose a location from which to flush your system.  Every property is different, so leave it to me!

  • Flushing will usually take around four hours, but can take all day!  It all depends on the size and design of the system and how dirty the system is.

  • When I have completed the flush, I'll add corrosion inhibitors to help prevent further corrosion.

  • Finally, I'll give you a Powerflush Certificate, which is my personal guarantee that the job has been done properly.

  • When I leave, your heating system will carefully balanced and working at the top of its performance and efficiency.