That's it.  I clean central heating sytems.  I use Kamco powerflushing pumps, equipment and chemicals.  


In addition to conventional flushing, I also use a patented process which uses compressed air to empty individual radiators repetedly whilst flushing.


​Radiator valve replacement

To perform a powerflush effectively, I need to open and close radiator valves.  If some of yours don't work, please let me know and I will change them for a small cost.  After all, when I'm flushing your system I will have absolute control over water pressures so I can easily change a typical radiator valve.


Magnetic filter installation

If you want a magnetic filter installed, feel free to talk to me about the options available on the market.


Pump replacement

Sometimes I attend a property and find there is a fault with the circulation pump.  I can replace your pump if it is weak or faulty.