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Insurance Contract Flush

Your boiler is covered by breakdown cover with a major provider such as British Gas or Homeserve and they have advised that your system is powerflushed.


A full powerflush is required including radiators, pipework and boiler.


Price £300 - any size system


Price Promise

"I will match any like for like quotation .....  all my work is guaranteed, exceeds the British Standard BS7593 and is supported by a powerflush certificate that is respected by British Gas, SSE, Homeserve and all the major service providers."

Poor Hot Water Flush

Your combi boiler delivers hot water that cycles hot / cold / hot / cold ......


The main heat exchanger and/or the hot water heat exchanger have become blocked with iron oxide and needs flushing clean.  Best practice is to flush the whole system to prevent recurrence of the problem.


Price. Boiler only - £150

Boiler including whole system - £300

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Noisy Boiler Flush

Noise varies from kettling to clunking and banging.  Quieter noises are caused by debris in the main heat exchanger.


Louder noises are often related to blocked heat exchangers, blocked pump, seized zone valves, or blocked pipes.


The blockage is cleared and the whole system is flushed clean so that the problem doesn't re-present.


Price £300 - any size system

Heavily sludged systems will have radiators hot across the top and cold across the bottom.  They will only give off a fraction of the heat they were designed to output, so your property will feel cold and your gas bills will be very high.


This flush will take a full day, requireing the correct use of chemicals and powerflushing equipment.


Price £300 - any size system

Cold Radiators Flush


Prices vary outside Portsmouth and Southampton. Please contact to discuss.

Blocked Pipes Flush - very rare

​Heavily sludged systems that have been run at very high temperatures with low water content heat exchangers turn the sludge into "black sand".  This can lay down as a sediment in horizontal sections of pipework causing them to block.


One or more radiator(s) will be stone cold or only hot at the radiator valves, with no flow across the top or bottom of the radiator(s).


Most pipework can be sucessfully cleared using compressed air to lift and mobilise debris.


Price £300+ please ask.